Speaking of strong Slavic spirit within the band’s original music enthused about different traditions, Brencl banda’s music seems inspired by sheet music for some ancestors’ tunes taken from the attic. Brencl banda was formed in Bistrica ob Sotli, a settlement of strong musical heritage.

The current members are: Ana Mezgec-violin, Rok Šinkovec-accordion and vocal, Matjaž Bajc-double bass and vocal, Andrej Boštjančič-guitar and vocal.

It is a completely original sound that the band created, although they perform with the usual, classical instruments and vocals. Their Slavic wings carry them around the musical world of different traditions, through their beats and melodies jointly singing about happiness, sadness, and timelessness.

Vocals: 4 microphones
Violin: XLR connector with Phantom power
Accordion: XLR connector with Phantom power
Double Bass: DIbox
Guitar: XLR connector or DIbox

Rok Šinkovec
© Eva Buchinger

Rok Šinkovec has been strolling around for 29 years by now. Born in Šempeter, grew up and graduated from a secondary school in Idrija. On the last step of his Latin and General Linguistics degrees' swirling spinning staircase of the Ljubljana faculty of arts, he's taking umbrage again and again. Devoted to music since his early years he investigates the spaciousness' of singing, playing accordion, keyboards and tuba and when he feels for, also maybe something different. He has been, is and hopes he will still be playing with various artists like: Slon in Sadež, Relight, 3o Sepki, Klintz Fishwood, Chaosstar, Perunovo listje, Swarga, The Traditional brass band of Idrija, Sexual band and occasional, jamming bands. Has also accompanied theatre plays by Šentjakobsko gledališče and Gverila teater (both in Ljubljana) and wrote lyrics for Billy the Kid, Skat and Electrix »collectives«. He's delighted to collaborate with Polona, Ruda and Matija in Brencl banda.


Klemen Bračko
© Eva Buchinger

Ana Mezgec  Ana Mezgec, so young that she was born when Slovenia had already become a Republic. Born in Postojna, she has been playing the violin since her childhood. Due to her love for the instrument, she will soon conclude her master’s degree in musical arts at the Academy of music in Ljubljana. As a violinist performing classical music she plays with various bands and orchestras, such as the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra (MYO) in France in 2017, was the concertmaster of the Ljubljana Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra performing in Berlin, and the SNG Opera and ballet Ljubljana Orchestra. She also plays at The Ljubljana City Theatre (Mestno gledališče Ljubljansko). Not only classical and contemporary music, she loves to improvise and fiddle with ethno, rock and jazz numbers. She has been and surely will still be playing with various artists such as Noctiferia, Jarc-Gregorin Trio, Goran Bojčevski and Vlatko Stefanovski, Gal Gjurin and many others. Throughout the years of study she has participated in many seminars, competitions and recording sessions. She performs quite a lot and enjoys it immensely.


Andrej Boštjančič
© Eva Buchinger

Andrej Boštjančič, born 21. 5. 1977 in Celje, received a degree from occupational therapy, now gives all his energy to music. Back in 1995 »Ruda« accepted invitation by the members of tamburas band that worked in participation with KUD Bitrica ob Sotli. In spring of 1998 he founded Zmajev rep, still very creative band performing own jazz-rock music. During his occupational »Communication with Sound« workshop, that first took place in 2004, is to be mentioned here. Same year he started his colaboration with integrated music band The Kripls. In years 2003 and 2004 he visited CID Ptuj where he took guitar lessons from Samo Šalamon. During the wintertime in 2006 made recordings for debut album by singer-songwriter Tadej Vesenjak from Prlekija. Following year's spring he and Polona founded Brencl banda.


Matija Krivec
© Bojan Stepančič

Matjaž Bajc was born in Šempeter on May 8, 1992. He started out by playing the sax, and then changed it for a tenor tuba after joining a woodwind orchestra. At the age of 13 he first met the bass guitar and started schooling in “Kombo B – Zvočni izviri” creativity classes led by world famous percussionist Zlatko Kaučič. While schooling he cofounded the still very active “Koromač” band and met teacher Jošt Drašler, who inspired him to begin playing the double bass, which then became his primary instrument. He continued schooling in double bass in professor Giovanni Maier's class in Trieste. Since then, his musical journey is taking him through many musical genres. And so, he is currently active in many various bands: Koromač, Kombo B, Apadopulus Bibi, Acamar trio, Brdonč trans quartet, Vitezi Ritma, Alchemical Playgrounds, Eht Zeđ, Triiis, Wood Ensamble, Orchestra senza onfini, Brencl Banda.

Slovenske novice 17.1.2011

Brencl Banda's invitation to dance

A year ago an edgy music collective emerged and delighted us with their debut album Earth Dance - The self-published CD lists 14 tracks – It mostly features cheerful and dance music with some ballads, waltzes, and love songs - The audience embraced the band with enthusiasm.

Earth Dance is the title of the musical debut album by the Brencl Banda from Bistrica ob Sotli, home of their leader Andrei Boštjančič – Ruda. The playful music is anchored in the native ground, but at the same time flirts with modern sound solutions. The Earth Dance CD could be easily classified among the so-called world music and can – with a strong recommendation – be underlined as a representative of our country. Author of most songs and lyrics is Andrej, the only folk song being Ljubca moja. One of the distinctions of the band is its candor, which in conjunction with the well-balanced sense for musical heritage creates organic audio presence that is unique in our creative environment. At the same time it possesses enough humor and joyfulness to avoid finding itself in the traps of its own complacency, as is often the case with such musical ensembles. The musicians have a feel for instruments and vocals, never play over each other and don't wander off onto unnecessary and self-indulgent virtuoso strolls. It is evident from listening to their debut that playing is great fun for them. In fact, the impression is not of a debut but of music that has always been with us. Brencl banda is a peculiar incubator of the ethnicity, a collective that provides the musical heritage ideal conditions for further development. "Music from the album is the result of the last three years and the group has been together for about a year. It all started when Polona and I decided to play together a few years ago. Soon we wanted to create a group. We started looking for musicians, so in 2008 we were joined by Rok Šinkovec on the accordion and, at the of 2009, by Matija on double bass,« revealed Andrej, who also deserves praise for excellent lyrics.
It is interesting that the recording was undertaken by the group itself. "It was recorded in Matija's house. We got together twice and recorded everything. We had computer problems, so we lost some material. In July we recorded all of the 15 songs we had prepared, and 14 of them appear on the CD. The CD is half instrumental and half vocal. It mostly features cheerful and dance songs, but you also find some ballads, waltzes, and love songs. The nature of the music enabled us to play them all at once, recorded the vocals later and then mixed it all up. We published it ourselves." The debut CD, issued at the end of last year, was already successfully tested on several stages. "We were surprised at the warm acceptance by the people. They could feel our spirit when we open our hearts and channel energy through sound. We would like to perform a lot and bring our music to people." More about the group and the concert dates can be found on their website brenclbanda.com.

Andrej Predin

Radio Študent

Tolpa bumov

In today's Tolpa Bumov we remain in Slovenia, specifically in Bistrica ob Sotli. From the town that enriched the domestic music scene with a diverse range of bands - groups like NoCenzura, Mana, The Ghens, Malik and of course Zmajev rep – we focus on the band called Brencl Banda and their recently released debut Earth Dance.

Brencl Banda is a relatively new band. The guitarist Andrej Boštjančič-Ruda, who also stands behind the jazz-rock band Zmajev rep, created it in 2007 with violinist and vocalist Polona Žalec. They both have a musical past. Polona started playing violin at the age of eight; she played in the Novo Mesto Music School Symphony Orchestra and sang with the Tone Tomšič academic choir, while Andrej started his musical path in 1995 with tamburitza band from Bistrica ob Sotli and continued with a variety of projects, including The Kripls and Zmajev rep, and cooperation with singer and song writer Tadej Vesenjak. After two years of creating and performing with different guests the duo was joined by Rok Šinkovec on the accordion and vocals, and later by Matija Krivec on double bass. The group has now been together for a year.

Fourteen songs found on Earth Dance sound as if they were true folk songs, but the author of all of them is Boštjančič. The only text taken from the folk tradition is the song 'Ljubca Moja' that the group presented to the public as a single about a month before the release of the album. Other songs also give a feel of Slavic roots, although despite their close ties don't hold the group in one place: their playful music includes recognizable foreign influences which gives it freshness and originality.

The opening piece 'Augustus' sets an energetic pace which is followed by the majority of songs and presents the traditional set of instruments used by the group. Boštjančič says that the songs have a set structure and theme, while the details of the interpretation are left to the musicians. Each of the instruments comes forth and acts as an important component of the whole. Although the songs were written before the duo became a quartet, the presence of double bass and accordion in many cases seems essential as they enrich the overall sound. The accordion is comfortable both in the leading role and as accompaniment, while the double bass as a percussion substitute is indispensable, especially in such rhythmic music. Along with the guitar they create a solid foundation for the melodies from the bellows, from beneath the arc, and of course from the vocal cords.

Their interchange can be heard, for example, in 'Hruškova' and 'Juriš'; other songs, such as 'Tja čez daljno morje', 'Vedno zaljubljena' and' Pomladno cvetje' let the vocals take the front. The latter tracks actually represent the slower part of the album, since most songs - such as 'Ej, mala, ej' and especially 'Petrino kolo' – use a rapid pace to build an atmosphere.

Earth Dance is an encouraging start of Brencl Banda discography. Also, their decision regarding the sale of the album will undoubtedly meet with a positive response as well: In addition to purchasing the CD at a concert you can buy your copy on Macefizelj website for a price that you define.

prepared by Andraž Bizjan



Combining folk traditions with pop music forms is very popular among local musicians and usually produces a positive response even with the mainly mainstream audience. It seems that this was the approach of the debut album by a relatively new quartet Brencl Banda, which, with a dynamic and playful mix of violin, accordion, double bass, guitar and polyphonic singing pave the way into the aesthetics of ethno and folk music. Although these hybrids are nothing new, the band from Bistrica ob Sotli manages to be quite fresh and recogizable. Earth Dance, while not starting a music revolution, is easly put among those domestic albums which may be said to be typically Slovenian. Slovenian with a positive connotation.
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04.07. ob 21:00 Karajžewc, Straža pri Cerkno

22.08. ob 21:00 pred Kinogledališčem,Tolmin






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